[VIDEO] ARAS Reports and Sign in Sheets

You can use KidKare to print Sign-in Sheets, Menu Production Records, or export meal count data for any date range needed.  For more information about the ARAS Feature in KidKare, see ARAS Feature.

Printing Sign-In Sheets

Centers can print sign-in sheets from KidKare.

  1. From the Attendance and Meal Count screen, click the orange button that says Sign in Sheets
  2. Select Daily or Weekly in the top field.  
  3. Select Blank Sign in Sheet in the bottom field.
  4. Click OK. The sign-in sheet is generated.

Exporting Data into Excel

  1. From the Attendance and Meal Count screen, click the blue button that says Export.
  2. Select the date range you are wanting to export.  
  3. Click Export. The Excel export is generated.

Menu Production Record

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Reports.
  2. Select the category as Meals & Attendance.
  3. select the report as Menu Production Record. 
  4. Select SFSP/ARAS.
  5. Choose the date range or Menu Production Records to pull.
  6. Click Run.  The Menu Production Record is generated.