[VIDEO] Record Attendance and Meal Counts for SFSP or AtRisk

Note: Only ARAS/SFSP sites that are NOT required to enroll participants will use this feature for Meals and Attendance.  All ARAS/SFSP sites with closed-enrolled participants will use Record Attendance for Centers.

KidKare can now be used to track attendance and meal counts for ARAS/SFSP sites.  You can enter Served meals, Seconds, Attendance, and much more all from the convenience of a tablet, phone, or computer! 

Enter Attendance and Meal Counts

  1. From the Attendance and Meal Count Screen, select the Meal Type being entered and the correct Date. 
  2. There are 2 ways to enter Meal Counts: 
    1. Meal Counter:
      1. Use the red " - " to remove meal or attendance counts.  
      2. Click the green " + "  next to each field each time you add a meal or attendance count.
    2. Manual Entry:
      1. Click in the blank number field and manually type in the totals.
  3. Complete all fields required to be completed by your sponsor.
  4. Click SAVE. 

Custom Fields

A sponsor can add up to 3 additional Custom Fields to this page.  When the fields are added, they will show up in this area to be completed during meal service. If you see custom fields and do not understand what needs to be entered, please ask your sponsor. 

Menu Notes

The Menu Notes  section can be used to type in additional information that your sponsor requests.  Please ask your sponsor what needs to be entered into the Menu Notes section, as all sponsoring organizations use this field for different data. 

Note: Use the orange Filter button in the top right corner to remove fields your sponsor does nor require you to fill out.