August 2017 Updates

August 28, 2017

UPDATED: Changes for the new meal pattern! Homes sponsors now have the ability to manage their own food lists and a new tool to help them set frequency rules and combination food rules.
UPDATED: Changes for providers for the new meal pattern are now in KidKare! Providers will not see any change until their sponsor sets them to switch over.

August 21, 2017

UPDATED:Invoices: When Provider Deletes Invoice with Account Credits Used the Credits Are Not Returned to the Guardian's Credit Balance
UPDATED: KidKare Branding for sponsor users: Sponsor users will now see the CX and HX logos on KidKare when they log in.
UPDATED: Reports: Report Title Correction for Schedule C Reports
UPDATED:Reports: Hide Signature Date on Child Enrollment Form
UPDATED: Invoices: Script to Assign Parents to Invoices Migrated Incorrectly  
UPDATED:Accounting: Allow user to dismiss the message on Safari When Accessing Accounting
UPDATED: Enrollment (Independent Providers): Remove any validation on Enroll Child

FIXED: Foods disappear from the schedule menu
FIXED: Invoices: Invoice Can Not be Previewed Using Discount Less Than Dollar
FIXED: Invoices: If Provider deletes a payment, the Provider will still see Credit used from previous transaction
FIXED: Invoices: Invoice Email Template "#amount#" Field Shows Incorrectly When Invoice is Emailed to Payer
FIXED: Invoices: Settlement Date Showing (ACH) Payment with No Date
FIXED: Invoice: If user changes guardian, user will not be able to see invoices from previous guardian
FIXED: Invoices: Rate Types Other Than Attendance Showing No In and Out Times Error
FIXED:Invoices: If the user enters information in invoices for the first time, it won't calculate the subtotal correctly
FIXED: Invoices: If the user refreshes the Invoice page, the user will see that the $ and % be replaced with text
FIXED: Invoices: After changing guardian's info in the invoice page and returning to invoice, the parent's information is not in
 the screen
FIXED: Invoices: When a user makes a credit payment, user does not see name in Activity
FIXED: Reports: Daily Meal Worksheet missing provider name and number
FIXED: Reports: Unable to generate accounting forms, no payers listed
FIXED:Reports: Enrollment Renewals Worksheet Lists Provider as Sponsor
FIXED: Reports: Printing the Child Enrollment Report Shows Error Generating Report

FIXED: Observer Mode: Last Claim Date is Incorrect
FIXED: Observer Mode: Alpha Sort of Name
FIXED: Recurring Invoices: Invoices not generated automatically
FIXED: Edit Guardian Information screen: After deleting parents and adding parents in, user cannot add new existing parent
FIXED: Expenses: Time Space Percentages In Time/Space and Expenses Are Not Matching
FIXED: Expenses: User sees error messages in KK when trying to do time/space calculations
FIXED: MyKids: Unable to click on the Add Child button to Enroll Children
FIXED: Login: 'Email Already Exists' Error Message On Login Attempt To KidKare
FIXED: Observer mode fixes for data shown