ePay setup

Apply for ePay

Please note: Do not use the Safari browser (which is the default browser for Apple products including iPads, iPhones, and Mac computers) when applying for ePay. The Google Chrome browser works great for this.

To setup ePay, login to KidKare and go to:

  • Accounting > Set Up ePay.
  • Hit the Apply Now button.
  • Enter your personal and bank information.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Hit the Continue Button.
  • Decide who pays the transaction fees (you or the parents).
  • Approval could take 1 - 3 business days. 
  • To check on the status of your ePay application go to Home > My Site.

Approve Parents for ePay

After approval you will need to approve each individual parent for ePay (parent email address is required for ePay usage). To approve parents for ePay, login to KidKare and go to:

Creating Invoices for Parents who use ePay

  • ​When creating invoices for parents who wish to pay using ePay, make sure that the "eMail Payer on Invoice Creation" option is set to "Yes"
  • Once a parent receives their first recurring invoice from you, they will be able to setup auto-pay.