ePay setup

Apply for ePay

To start the approval process:

  • Login to app.kidkare.com.
  • Go to Accounting > Set Up Stripe ePay.
  • Tap the green Apply Now button.
  • A separate webpage will open.
  • Enter your phone number and email to continue.
  • Stripe will text you a verification code.
  • Once the verification code is entered, you'll be asked to provide:
    • Your legal name (first and last)
    • Date of birth
    • Where to send the payouts (debit card or bank account)
    • The card number and expiration date or bank account routing and account number
  • Once the Stripe account is created you will be returned to KidKare.
    • Select who pays the $1 transaction fee: Provider (you) or the parent.
    • Select who pays the credit card processing fee? Provider (you) or the parent.
    • And then Save.
  • Congratulations! You just setup your new Stripe ePay account. 

Approve Parents for ePay

After approval you will need to approve each individual parent for ePay (parent email address is required for ePay usage). To approve parents for ePay, login to KidKare and go to:

Creating Invoices for Parents who use ePay

  • ​When creating invoices for parents who wish to pay using ePay, make sure that the "Email Payer on Invoice Creation" option is set to "Yes"
  • Once a parent receives their first recurring invoice from you, they will be able to setup auto-pay.