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KidKare's messaging feature allows you to send messages to guardians of participants enrolled in your center. If you are a sponsored center, you can also send messages directly to your sponsor (if they allow it). You can message guardians individually, in small groups, or you can send one message to all parents for active participants at the same time. When messaging guardians, you also have the option to attach planned menus and include a survey to which guardians can respond. These surveys can be used to plan attendance, screen for COVID-19 symptoms, or gather any other information you need from parents.

Notes for Sponsored Centers: Your sponsor must enable this feature for you. The survey option is only available when messaging parents. You cannot include surveys in messages sent to your sponsor. Your sponsor must enable sponsor messaging before you can message them.

To send messages:

  1. Click . The Messages page opens.
  2. Click Send Message. The Message Editor opens.
  3. Click the Send To drop-down menu and select the people you are messaging:
    • To send a message to your sponsor, select Sponsor.
    • To send a message to one or more guardians, click each guardian name to include in the message. You can use the Search box in this menu to search for specific contacts.
    • To message all guardians, select Guardians for All Active Participants.
      Note: According to your display settings, this option may be called something different, such as Guardians for All Active Kids. For more information, see Set Display Settings.
  4. Click the Subject box and enter a subject for your message.
  5. Click the Message box and enter your message content.
  6. To attach a menu:
    1. Click Add Attachment and select Menu. The Attach Menu pop-up opens.
    2. Click the Menu Type drop-down menu and select Monthly, Weekly, or Custom.
    3. Select the date for which to send the month. The available options vary according to the menu type you selected.
      • Monthly: Click the Select Month box and select the month for which to send menus.
      • Weekly: Click the Select Day box and select a day in the week to send. Menus for dates in the same week are attached.
      • Custom: Click the From box and enter the first date in the range to send. Then, click the To box and enter the last date of the range to send.
    4. Click Attach. The Scheduled Menus report for the month or the week is attached to the message.
  7. Click Add Attachment and select File to add any additional attachments to this message. For example, you could attach a PDF newsletter.
  8. Click the Signature box and enter your email signature. If you are messaging your sponsor, go to Step 10.
  9. To add a survey:
    1. Click the Question Type drop-down menu and select the question type to include on the survey. You can choose from the following:
      • Single Select: The guardian can select one answer only.
      • Multi-Select: The guardian can select multiple answers.
      • Date: The guardian must select a date.
      • Text: The guardian can type any answer.
    2. Click the Question box and enter the question. If you selected Date or Text, go to Step 9d.
    3. Click the Choices box and enter the responses from which the guardian can choose. Press Enter or Tab between choices. To remove a choice, click X or press Backspace.
    4. Click  to add a new question to your survey. Repeat Steps 9a - 9c to add as many questions, as needed.
    5. Click  to remove questions from your survey.
  10. When finished, click Send.

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