Create a Reusable Menu

You can create a reusable menu under Meals >> Add/Edit Menus.

  1. First, select either infants or non-infants, depending on which age group you'd like to create a menu for.
  2. Click the + Add Menu button on the top, right of the screen.
  3. Indicate the meal type for the new menu (breakfast, snacks, or lunch/dinner).
  4. Give your menu a name.
  5. Select the food items for each component.
  6. Starting Oct. 1st and sooner for some, a new option to indicate if the bread/alternate was whole grain-rich will be visible. The program will remember this setting when you record the menu.
  7. Be sure to Save when you're done!
  8. Back on the main Add/Edit Menus screen, you can scroll down to view your menu or change the filter settings at the top of the page to narrow the list.

Note: You can revisit these menus at any time to make adjustments.