Data migration from PRO to KidKare

If you have an active subscription to Minute Menu Kids PRO, you can migrate your information to KidKare. Here are some answers to common questions about this migration process:

How to migrate
  • To start the migration process, open KidKare and hit the "Accounting" option from the main menu.
  • If your subscription to KIDS has expired, a migration is not possible.

  • You must have an ACTIVE subscriptions to PRO in order to migrate your data.
  • Subscriptions to Minute Menu Kids PRO will continue in KidKare. Once the subscription expires, continue using the Accounting Features in KidKare for $8/month. 
  • After the data migration is complete, you can still access Minute Menu Kids PRO with VIEW ONLY access. You can continue to view/print reports and data, but new data should be entered directly into KidKare.
  • After migrating data to KidKare, please do not attempt to renew your subscription in Minute Menu Kids PRO or you will have to contact Minute Menu for a refund. 
  • The data migration only flows one way and that's from Minute Menu Kids PRO to KidKare. (Not vice versa.)
  • Data migration is only done once. After migration has successfully completed, another migration is not possible.
  • Data from the current year and last year will transfer. All other data from previous years will still be viewable from Minute Menu Kids PRO.
  • Some setup is still required after migration. Some data will need to be re-entered and/or setup again:
    • ​Parent emails - this is a good opportunity to make sure you have valid email addresses for all parents.
    • ePay application - you will need to reapply for ePay (could take 1-3 business days).
    • Recurring invoices - you will need to setup recurring invoices again in KidKare.

In the event that your data did not migrate correctly, you may contact the KidKare support team directly. Use the Submit a Ticket feature on this website and we will be happy to assist you.