December 2017

December 27, 2017

UPDATED: Report Added:  "Actual Hours in Care"

UPDATED: Report Added:  "Statement of Payments" for parents

UPDATED: Invoices: Change Default Sorting To Descending On Invoices Screen , By Invoice Date

UPDATED: Generate W10 By Payment Date

FIXED: Report: Child In/out Custom date - Today - No Data returned

FIXED: Online Enrollment for Centers:  Resend Invitations : Not Updating LastSent Date

December 22, 2017

UPDATED: Scheduled Menu: Add Date Range, From: To:, to Scheduled Menus Report

UPDATED: Invoices: Add Personalized Message Statement To Invoices Notes Section

UPDATED: Discontinue New Meal Pattern Well Message

UPDATED: Hide "Sprocket" from Enter meal screen.

FIXED: "Invalid Tax ID Format" Pops When Trying To Add Tax ID To My Site

FIXED: Approve & Renew: The selected values are not displayed in the combo boxes

FIXED: Cannot select date picker on Accounting screen (invoices/expenses)

FIXED: Cannot click on date picker for Schedule Menus >> Copy Days

FIXED: User sees different calendar type in Invoices vs Other pages

FIXED: User sees UI problem on Check In/Out calendar

FIXED: Missing meals on Scheduled Menus Report for infants

FIXED: My Kids: Apostrophe Displaying Wrong in Provider Formula Offered

FIXED: Noninfant sees infant fields during enrollment

FIXED: Dates do not update when moving to new Food in Food List.

FIXED: Accounting: End date on recurring Invoices do not adjust after changing start date

December 21, 2017 (Online Enrollment for Centers Updates)

UPDATED: Error when entering In/Out Times manually

UPDATED: Sponsor/Center-Invitation Activity tracker

UPDATED: Exports missing columns

UPDATED: Add Sponsor staff name & sponsor approval date on Sponsor Approval screen

UPDATED: Remove parent signature images from Export (for speed of loading)

UPDATED: Remember settings on bulk edit wizard on Approve & Renew screen

UPDATED: Access OE forms for disabled centers

UPDATED: Enhancements to the existing export on Approve & Renew screen

UPDATED: Add filters on Renew screen

FIXED: Sometimes Center User is unable to Approve invitation

FIXED: Approve & Renew: The selected values are not displayed in the combo boxes

FIXED: (CACFP) Reports: Daily Meals Worksheet Shows Pre-New Meal Pattern Worksheet

FIXED: Incorrect information shown in Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form for "homeless"

FIXED: Missing parent signatures

FIXED: Error upon renewing OE record

December 7, 2017

FIXED: Error when entering In/Out Times manually

FIXED: Reports: "Value Cannot Be Null" Error Displayed When Attempting To Run Verify In/Out Times Report

FIXED: Meals: Scheduled Menu Not Saving Updates

FIXED: Enter Meals: Remove incorrect warning message when month has been sent to sponsor

FIXED: Sponsor EZ Menus Show On Provider's Scheduled Menus

FIXED: Online Enrollment for Centers: Send Invitations does not remember Enrollment IEF Date Filters

FIXED: Accounting. Children doubled on invoice

FIXED: Reports:  Statement of Accounts report throwing an error.

FIXED: Reports: Schedule C And Expense Register Showing Vastly Different Totals

December 6, 2017

UPDATED: Reports: Option To Show Business Name On W-10

UPDATED: Reports: Relocate Print Button Next to Run Button

UPDATED: Food Tool for Sponsors:  Fix Leading 000s of scan_code for scan forms

UPDATED: Online Enrollment for Centers:  Add clear filter button to multi select drop downs

UPDATED: Online Enrollment for Centers:  Add Child Status column to Center screen

UPDATED: Online Enrollment for Centers:  View status Export: Add Child Status to All data export

FIXED: MyKids: Date Error Pops Unexpectedly When A Date Was Correctly Entered When Enrolling A Child

FIXED: Invoices: "Unable To find the invoice the payment was applied to" Error Pops When Trying To Pay On Partially Paid Invoice

FIXED: Overpayment With Check Not Showing A Credit

FIXED: Error Pops When Creating A Rule For Animal (Plain) and Graham Crackers

FIXED: Invoices: Credit Balance Not Adding Up Correctly