December 2019

December 26, 2019

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

Sponsored centers now have access to the following functionality in KidKare:

Note that access to some features may be restricted according to your sponsor's policies. You can find useful help videos and documentation in the Centers section of this website. Click here to view and print our cheat sheet KidKare Features for Sponsored Centers.

eForms (Sponsor Users)

UPDATED: If sponsors attempt to approve/approve & renew forms in KidKare and they have not entered a signature, the Approval Signature Not on File prompt now displays. Sponsors can choose to approve without a signature or add a signature. For more information about adding signatures to KidKare, see Add a Signature for eForms (home sponsors) or Add a Signature for eForms (center sponsors).
FIXED: Approved income eligibility forms should list $0 for Total Income when the parent indicates Zero Income for the family.
FIXED: The Georgia income eligibility form output prints child names in First Name, Last Name order. These names should be printed in Last Name, First Name order.

KidKare for Sponsors of Homes

FIXED: The departure time in the KidKare Review Tool is being stored incorrectly. For example, some departure times are saving as Central time when the review was recorded in the Pacific time zone.
FIXED: When the sponsor uses Provider Security and a specific Monitor is not subjected to Provider Security, the KidKare Review Tool does not list providers reviewed by that Monitor.

KidKare for Providers

FIXED: (Accounting) Autopay is unexpectedly picking up invoices dated in the past.

KidKare for Independent Centers

FIXED: Expand icons display in the Date menu when users change the date on the Daily Menu page.

December 11, 2019


UPDATED: Updated the Georgia income eligibility form for 2020.
UPDATED: Sponsors are now warned if they attempt to approve/renew eForms and they do not have a signature on-file. For more information about adding signatures to KidKare, see Add a Signature for eForms.
UPDATED: Updated the Alabama income eligibility form to the standard income eligibility form.
UPDATED: When a user sends a new invitation and the child has an existing invitation older than 90 days, the old invitation is now automatically cancelled.
FIXED: Child Depart times are displaying in military time on enrollment forms. They should be displaying in civil time.

KidKare for Providers

UPDATED: Updated the Blank Enrollment Report to match the version printed in Minute Menu HX.

KidKare for Sponsors of Homes

FIXED: When a user inputs the same date in the Start Date and End Date boxes under the Disallow heading in the KidKare Review Tool, an error displays.

KidKare for Parents

FIXED: Auto Pay is not always triggering for valid recurring invoices

December 4, 2019

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

UPDATED: We have added a List Claims feature to KidKare for sponsored centers. Users must have permissions to view claims. For more information, see List Claims (Sponsored Centers).
UPDATED: Sponsored centers can submit claims to their sponsor via the List Claims page. For more information, see Submit Claims to Sponsor (Sponsored Centers).
UPDATED: Sponsored centers  can now view claim details. Select a claim from the List claims page to view the Claim Information page. For more information, see View Claims (Sponsored Centers).