Edit the Invoice Email Template

You can customize the invoice email that is sent to parents when invoices are created.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Accounting.
  2. Click Invoices.
  3. Click Edit Email. The Invoice Email Template page opens.
  4. Click Edit.

    edit invoice email template.PNG

  5. Update the Subject, From, and Message boxes, as needed.
    • Variables you can use to fill-in certain information are listed at the bottom of the editor (#Payerid, #Email, #id, and so on).
    • When editing the message, use the toolbar to format your text. You can also insert URLs, insert images, and switch to an HTML editor.


  6. To add an attachment:
    1. Click Add Attachment.
    2. Click Choose.
    3. Browse to the attachment on your computer, and click Open.
  7. When finished, click Save.