Edit Unpaid Invoices

You can edit unpaid and recurring invoices.

Note:To edit paid invoices, you must first delete the payments on them. See Edit Paid Invoices for more information.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Accounting.
  2. Click Invoices. The Invoices page opens.
  3. Set filters, as needed.
  4. Click the unpaid invoice to edit. The invoice details open.
  5. Click accting_edit_inv.png.
  6. Make changes, as needed. You can edit the following:
    • Billing Period
    • Invoice Date
    • Rate
    • Rate Type
    • Units
    • Fees
    • Discount
    • Line Item Notes
    • General Notes

      Notes: You cannot add an additional child to the invoice. You also cannot add new children to the invoice. You can check the Make This Recurring box to change this invoice to a recurring invoice. However, you can not clear the Make This Recurring box when editing recurring invoices. If you need to change a recurring invoice to a one-time invoice, you must delete the recurring invoice and create a new, regular invoice. For more information, see Delete Recurring Invoices.

      edit unpaid invoice.PNG

  7. When finished, click Preview.
  8. Review the invoice details.
  9. Click Update.