February 2017 Updates

February 16, 2017 - (ver 1.6.222)

Added: An edit button was added so providers can edit withdrawn children

Fixed: Parents were receiving duplicated invoices from providers
Fixed: Recurring invoices were not being sent
Fixed: "Operation is not allowed" error when signing up for Accounting 
Fixed: Page keeps refreshing when attempting to login to KidKare
Fixed: Some users were experiencing data import issues

February 1, 2017 - (ver. 1.6.212)

Added: Moved around the buttons on the invoices screen to be more user friendly. We also updated the list so it loads faster. 

Fixed: Payment date was defaulting to the current date when logging a payment. 
Fixed: Immunization dates were not coming over when doing a data migration. 
Fixed: Login issues after renewing an account
Fixed: Usernames that have special characters or spaces do not work in KidKare, so we have changed some of them manually.