February 2021

February 8, 2021

Home Sponsors

UPDATED: We added the provider scan code to the Massachusetts Review report.
FIXED: The Date of Last Review field on Texas Form H1607 is showing the current date of the last review, even if it is after the date of the review in the report.
FIXED: Messages are displaying in the message log in KidKare for providers (Sponsor Call Log), even when the sponsor has not checked the Allow Provider to Read This Message box.

Center Sponsors

UPDATED: We have added a setting to the KidKare Center Settings that says: Would you like to require center staff to certify the accuracy of attendance when saving Attendance & Meal Counts in KidKare? When this setting is set to Yes, KidKare will require center staff to agree to the certification statement and log the name and date/time of the latest certification for the day and classroom on the Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report. This setting defaults to No. For more information, see Require Centers to Certify Attendance on the Minute Menu CX Knowledge Base.


UPDATED: Providers can now open income eligibility forms for onsite completion on the eForms page without also having to open enrollment forms. This also allows providers to open enrollment forms only, if needed. Note that providers still cannot view completed income eligibility forms.
FIXED: The following error displays when updating an event on the Provider Calendar to a date that already has an event: Unknown child/{{error | translate }}.
FIXED: When a provider changes an event date on the Provider Calendar to an earlier date and then deletes it, an Unknown Child error displays. When the event date is changed to a future date and the provider attempts to delete it, the event is deleted from the original date instead of the updated date.
FIXED: (Accounting) When a provider selects multiple invoices to print or selects a single invoice to print on the Invoices list, the credit balance is missing.

Sponsored Centers

FIXED: The Subscriber Details on the Site Details page is empty for centers who have subscribed to EasyPay.
FIXED: Child names are duplicated on the Weekly Attendance + Meal Count Report.

Independent Centers

FIXED: Changes made to the CACFP tab on the Child Information page are saved even when the user clicks Continue Without Saving at the confirmation prompt.