How to enable Auto Pay as a parent

Parents - enjoy the convenience of paying for childcare online using your bank or a credit card! You can view invoices online, and once your daycare provider has approved you for ePay, you can pay online or even setup autopay!

When you setup autopay, the invoice amount will automatically be charged, that way you don't have to remember to write a check or even login to pay, plus your payments will always be on-time! Which will make your daycare provider very happy and save you from late-fees!

When your daycare provider has approved ePay, you have the option to pay for daycare online using your bank checking/savings account ($1 fee paid by you or by your daycare provider) OR credit card (2.95% fee).  Follow these instructions if you'd like to allow automatic payments to be drafted from or charged to your account. 

Here's how to enable "Autopay" from your KidKare parent portal:

Note: you must have an unpaid invoice in KidKare before you can enable autopay.

1. Go to "Autopay Settings"

2. Choose the "Auto Pay" option

3. Select either Checking or Savings Account ($1 fee paid by you or by your daycare provider) or Credit Card (2.95% fee) to enter your payment information. 

4. Click Confirm Auto Pay - you will return to the paid invoice rather than the account menu. 

5. To cancel or change your payment information, go back to Autopay Settings on the main menu and you will find the option to cancel auto pay or change the payment account.