Invoices vs. Income Sections

Within Parachute you will find both an Invoices section as well as an Income section within Accounting. 

What's the difference? 

  1.  Invoices
    • This is where you can generate invoices to be sent to Parents/Guardians and Agencies to pay for tuition and other Childcare related fees
    • All invoices, regardless of status (i.e. Paid, Unpaid, etc.) can be found in this section 
    • The Invoices section is designed to help you keep track of who has or has not made payments related to your services. 
  2. Income
    • Here you will find both Paid invoices as well as an other income you manually add
    • You will only see Invoices populated here once they have been marked paid
      • You will also see refunds, which will appear as negative income (subtracted from the total)
    • This section is designed to allow you to view all money coming in, no matter what source, in one section