January 2017 Updates

January 31, 2017

KidKare is experiencing some intermittent slowness and server load issues. You may notice that it is taking longer to login, save information or move around within KidKare. We are aware of the problem, and are working to get this fixed as soon as possible! 

January 26, 2017 - (ver. 1.6.200)

We know MANY providers that are going to be happy with these updates! Check the list below to see all the new features and bug fixes. 

Added: Invoice Screen for Accounting now has "Settlement Date" that shows the date the payment was made or will be deposited. 
Added: Invoice Screen now has page level settings with the "Gear Wheel" in the top right of the screen that allows users to hide columns                    they do not care to see
Added: Invoice Screen now allows for sorting by multiple statuses at once so that users can see "Unpaid and Partial Paid" at the same time
Added: Child Screen now has "Billing" section where users can set the billing rate of ra child that will pre-populate the new invoices for that                child. 
Added: UI changes and enhancements to the Schedule C, 8829, and W10 reports. 

Fixed: Recurring Invoices (Fix #2) should now be created on the dates set in the system
Fixed: Data migration fixes for Schedule C Detailed Expense mappings
Fixed: Error message on Accounting Reports was showing "divide by zero" error message
Fixed: W10 report was not showing the correct parent name
Fixed: Standard Meal Allowance is no longer showing $0 amounts. 

January 19, 2017 - (ver. 1.6.175)

Added: On the create invoice screen, we changed the "+Add" button to be "+Add Child" to be more clear. 
Added: Moved the "Claimed Foods and Attendance" report from "Claim Statements" drop down list to the "Meals and Attendance" drop                      down list where it should be. 
Added: 2017 standard meal allowances in the database

Fixed: Depreciation worksheet in Accounting Reports
Fixed: Data Migration: form 8829 Detailed Expenses "Utilities" not migrating correctly from Minute Menu Kids
Fixed: ePay returned payments from payment system not displaying
Fixed: Issues with some users not able to reset their password
Fixed: Issue with multi line item invoices doubling the owed amount when parent goes to "make a payment"

January 17, 2017 - (ver. 1.6.166)

Several updates to KidKare today! Check them out below:

Added: The "Parent Accounts" tab in the Accounting section was changed to "Guardians"
Added: A few areas were updated to the Child screen for independent providers
Added: We included EZ Menus to the Scheduled Menus area for Sponsors who use them
Added: Several warning messages were updated to be more useful to the reader

Fixed: The Accounting section received many updates and fixes. This includes the issues that some people were having with parent                          payments. 
Fixed: The 2016 Time/Space calculations are now correct
Fixed: The "Total" and "Grand Total" on the Time/Space page was reversed, but now fixed
Fixed: The "Sent to Sponsor" date on the "View Claims" screen has been corrected
Fixed: A bug was fixed that prevented recurring invoices from being created on the correct day
Fixed: Fixed the logic in the Expenses area to properly map the data once it was migrated
Fixed: The calculations for the Schedule C report is now correct

January 12, 2017 - (ver. 1.6.124)

Many changes and updates were added to KidKare today! Below is a list of bugs that were fixed, and a few features that were added.

Added: Page totals and grand totals are now added to the invoices screen to allow for year-end reports to be run from one screen. 
Added: A Provider now has the ability to edit their email address. 
Added: Providers not on the food program can now withdraw their "own" or "foster" children. 

Fixed: Providers can now set up a payer as "Other" to allow for more flexibility in who pays for a child's care.
Fixed: Some parents' deleted invoices were showing up as paid. 
Fixed: Recurring invoices were not being created on the correct date. 
Fixed: Longer names are now able to be viewed and not truncated when setting up scheduled menus. 
Fixed: Many tweaks and updates were made to better handle Guardian records, Vehicles, Payers assigned to older invoices, Expenses,                      and older data that fed the tax reports (Schedule C, W10, Form 8829). Imported data is now much cleaner. 
Fixed: Statement of Account reports no longer show deleted invoices.