January 2018

January 28, 2018

UPDATED: Invoices: Accounting Data Missing After Migration (Correct Guardian Date Issues)

FIXED: Invoices: Check Payments Not Reflecting In Invoice Activity Log

FIXED: Invoices: Invoice Status Not Reflecting ACH Payment for some providers

FIXED: Dates Showing On W-10 Report Are sometimes incorrect. (not showing entire year)

FIXED: Multiple ID's for Child and Guardian causing issues on screen.

January 26, 2018

FIXED: Accounting: Expenses From Form 8829 Not Displaying On Schedule C Worksheet

FIXED: Meals: WG Slider Does Not Work Using Firefox Browser

FIXED: Sponsor Food Tool:  Doing search on foods for infants brings focus to infant milk always

FIXED: Reports: Spanish Attendance Reports Are Not Working

FIXED: Meals: Food Notations Don't Show Up For Provider In Food Picker

FIXED: Enroll Child: School End time is not required when it should be.

FIXED: When using "Sick" Draggable Event, text is all white initially

FIXED: No Color on Schedule Menu Draggable events.

FIXED: Time fields not autoformatting and validating in IE

January 11, 2018

UPDATED: Invoices:Now invoices can be created with invoice dates in the past

FIXED: Invoices: Past Invoice Dates Are Displayed Blank

FIXED: Invoices: Wrong Label in Page settings "Sprocket"

FIXED: Invoices: Unable To Delete Payment On Duplicate Invoice.

FIXED: Time/Space Business Start *OR* Business End Dates Not Letting You Select Dates Prior To Current Date

FIXED: MyKids: After Changing Password MyKids Disappear

FIXED: Sponsor Observer Mode: WG Doesn't Show Up On Food Served Report

FIXED: Other Income entry Category Food Program saving as INCOME_CATEGORY_FOOD_PROGRAM.

FIXED: No Color on Schedule Menu Draggable events.

FIXED: Reports: Schedule C/statement of itemized payment shows phantom payment

FIXED: Online Enrollment for Centers:  Misc Bug fixes for Sending Invitations