January 2021

January 21, 2021

Independent Centers

FIXED: If there is no food number assigned to a food item, the Food drop-down menus on the Daily Menu page display empty parenthesis ( ) after the food name. Now, if there is no food number assigned to the food item, the parenthesis will not display.

Sponsors of Centers

UPDATED: We have added a setting to the eForms Settings that allows sponsors to make SNAP Numbers optional during the eForms process. This will allow parents to complete income eligibility forms without having to know their SNAP number. Sponsors can then independently verify participation via Direct Certification. This setting defaults to Yes. For more information about eForms Settings, see eForms Settings in KidKare.
FIXED: Centers are able to access Reports in KidKare and CX, even when they do not have Reports permissions.


FIXED: The Food Served report still lists meals in English when the provider's language setting is set to Spanish.
FIXED: An error occurs when providers attempt to print the Claim Summary report on the View Claims page.
FIXED: (Accounting) Providers are unable to record $0 payments for $0 invoices. Now, if a $0 invoice is created, it is automatically marked as paid upon creation. Existing $0 invoices will be updated to reflect Paid status.

January 3, 2021

Sponsors of Centers

UPDATED: We've added Calendar to the Center Access Settings so sponsors can enable/disable this feature for their sites, as needed.
UPDATED: We have updated the developmentally ready question in eForms to be clearer. This now reads: When my infant is developmentally ready, I want the facility to provide solid foods.
FIXED: eForms Reports are showing the incorrect enrollment date for some children. Instead of the current enrollment date, it shows the previous enrollment date. This issue affected the PDF enrollment reports only—the correct dates were recorded in KidKare.
FIXED: Household members are not showing in the income eligibility form for siblings.