July 2019

July 25, 2019

KidKare for Independent Centers

UPDATED: If the center only has the ARAS/SFSP program type, the At-Risk After School slider in the child's profile is disabled.
FIXED: Users are able to save child information even when the original enrollment date is set after the current enrollment date.

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

FIXED: The following error displays for certain children when users attempt to renew their enrollment forms: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

KidKare for All Centers

FIXED: The Out of School slider does not display when school-aged children are marked at AM Snack, Lunch, or any other meal that would occur during school hours.  

KidKare for Providers

FIXED: Users cannot delete calendar entries on the Provider Calendar and the Child Calendar.
FIXED: When a provider using Minute Menu Kids migrates their accounting data to KidKare, Minute Menu Archived Reports is not displaying under the Reports section.

July 11, 2019

KidKare for Providers

UPDATED: All expense categories now display on the Form 8829 report, even if there are no expenses entered for a specific category.
UPDATED: The Vehicle Mileage report now shows the total number of business miles by vehicle.
UPDATED: We updated how KidKare Accounting handles depreciation.
UPDATED: All expense categories now display on the Schedule C report, even if there are no expenses entered for a specific category.
FIXED: Recurring invoices aren't all completely generated by the Scheduler.
FIXED: Recurring Invoices creates invoices for providers with out-of-date subscriptions.
FIXED: Double invoices are generated from Recurring Invoices.

KidKare for Sponsors of Homes

UPDATED: Sponsors can now download HX software updates from KidKare. For instructions, see Install.
FIXED: KidKare does not generate the income eligibility form after sponsors approve and renew a child.

KidKare for Independent Centers

UPDATED: When users attempt to save incomplete menus on the Menu Templates screen, a Menu Incomplete message now displays, and users cannot save until all required components are selected. This applies to all meals and both infant and non-infant menus.
UPDATED: Users can now download blank enrollment forms in English or Spanish.  For instructions, see Blank Enrollment Forms.
UPDATED: Updated the text that displays when parents enter an incorrect date of birth on the on-site enrollment form.
FIXED: The License field should be required when multi-license centers manually add children.
FIXED: Actual quantities recorded for a meal component do not reset after a user attempts to reset them.
FIXED: The Save confirmation message does not display when users enter daily meals and then attempt to switch to a new date without saving.
FIXED: The reminder notification counter does not update immediately after a claim is calculated.