July 2022

July 27, 2022

Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: A small number of sponsor users are unable to view reviews completed with the KidKare Review Tool in Minute Menu CX.
FIXED: A small number of sponsors users are unable to save completed reviews.
FIXED: (eForms) We have removed unnecessary fields from the Florida income eligibility form to match the most current version of the form provided by the state.
FIXED: (eForms) The Florida income eligibility form is showing Total Household Income as a negative dollar amount.

Centers & Homes Accounting

FIXED: Users are unable to edit invoices created for $0.


UPDATED: (Accounting) We have added an extra step to removing Expense Categories: Users will now be prompted to confirm that they wish to delete the expense category. See Record Expenses and Add a Custom Expense Category for more information.

Independent Centers

UPDATED: We have added the Louisiana Claim Upload File to KidKare Food Program.

July 13, 2022

All Users

UPDATED: We have updated the button on the Password Reset page to read Send Email. It previously read Send Me.


UPDATED: Parents can now verify more than one bank account when enrolling for automatic payments.
FIXED: We have corrected several issues with the page display.

Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: Monitors are unable to complete reviews in KidKare, because they cannot save the monitor's signature.