June 2021

June 6, 2021


UPDATED: We have implemented the ability to record individual infant menus in KidKare. This feature allows you to set a default infant menu and then record any alterations at the infant level when recording attendance and meal counts. You can print the resulting individual menus on a meal-by-meal basis from the Daily Menu page, or in congregate from the Reports page. Note: If you are a sponsored center, your sponsor must enable this feature for you. See Enable Infant Menu Recording (independent centers only) and Record Individual Infant Menus for more information.


FIXED: Yellow exclamation marks are displaying on participants on the Participants page.

June 2, 2021


UPDATED: We set the default filter in the Message Tool to show all messages for the last year. Previously, it defaulted to the last 30 days.

Center Sponsors

FIXED: Some parents are receiving two separate approval confirmation emails when the enrollment and income eligibility form are approved in eForms. They should only receive one email.
FIXED: The Foster Child, SNAP, TAFI, FDPR, Homeless, Migrant, Runaway, Headstart box should be checked when sponsors apply for Free/Direct Cert children.

Independent Centers

FIXED: The Staff Meal Count number is not reset when the user changes to a different meal type.

Sponsored Centers

FIXED: Some infants who do not have an infant form on file are missing a red exclamation point on the child card.


FIXED: We have corrected a password error message that displayed intermittently for some users when updating passwords (Password must be from 2 to 8 symbols). This message now reads: Passwords should be 8 characters at most.