June 2022

June 23, 2022

Independent Centers & Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: The Food Type field isn't displaying on the Food List for some Infant foods.

All Centers

UPDATED: The Daily FRP report is now available in KidKare. Click here to learn more.
UPDATED: Some Menu reports now print in Spanish for those centers whose display language is set to Spanish.

Sponsors of Homes

UPDATED: We have improved the performance of online reviews in response to system slowness.
FIXED: Monitors are unable to complete the review questionnaire when disallowing meals in some cases.

June 8th, 2022


UPDATED: (Accounting) Users can now make expense categories inactive. For more information about expense categories and how to use them, see Record Expenses and Add a Custom Expense Category.
FIXED: We have adjusted the spacing between the first and second paragraphs of the Non-Discrimination statement on the Child Enrolment Report.

Independent Centers

UPDATED: The eForms feature will now be enabled automatically for all new KidKare Food Program subscribers. 


UPDATED: We have updated the USDA Non-Discrimination Statement on the income eligibility forms in eForms.
FIXED: We have updated the Mississippi income eligibility form to be the default form.

Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: Monitors are unable to complete Reviews in KidKare, because they are unable to save Monitor signatures.
FIXED: A message regarding subscription fees displays when sponsors enable centers for eForms. This service is included with all sponsor software packages and does not incur extra charges.