Troubleshoot Login Issues

If you are having problems logging in to KidKare, you can take the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

Force Refresh Your Browser

Your browser may need a hard refresh. A hard refresh clears the page's data cache and reloads it with updated information. See the appropriate heading below for your specific browser.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer

Windows: Press Ctrl + F5.

Mac: Press Command + Shift + R.

Note: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are only available on Windows systems.


Mac: Hold down Shift and click Refresh in the address bar.

Try a Different Browser

KidKare works on all browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. If one of those browsers is not working for you, try logging in from a different one.

Clear your Browser Cache

Sometimes, Internet browsers pull from old cached files, and this can cause errors. If you cannot log in, clear your cache and try again. Click each link below for instructions for your specific device or browser.

Disable Private Mode (Safari)

Safari will not open KidKare when you are in Private Mode. Click here for more information about disabling Private Mode.

Specific Login Errors

The following headings provide troubleshooting for specific log in errors.

“Padding is Invalid” Error

If you receive a Padding is Invalid error, close all open web pages and open a new browser. You should be able to log in now.

Username and Password are Incorrect

If you are a new user and are on the food program, double-check your login information with your food program sponsor. If you continue to see this error, click the I Need a New Password link to reset your password.