Login Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having problems logging into KidKare, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Refresh your web page:

Sometimes your browser may just need a hard refresh. Follow the instructions here to refresh your default browser.

“Padding is Invalid” error message:

If you get a message upon logging in that states “Padding is Invalid”, close out of all open web pages and open a fresh one. You should be able to login now.

Try a different browser:

KidKare works on all browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. If one of those browsers are not working for you, try logging in from a different one.

Clear your browser cache:

For iPhone -> http://bit.ly/1mF7Ees
For Android -> http://bit.ly/2nJ7Ei1

For Firefox -> https://mzl.la/2oeyouX
For Chrome -> http://bit.ly/1ncK2B9
For Internet Explorer -> http://bit.ly/2a3QHbC
For Safari -> http://bit.ly/22uj9HE
For Microsoft Edge -> http://bit.ly/2p6qTDh

Username and Password are incorrect:

If you are a new user and are on the food program, check with your food program sponsor to be sure you have the correct login information.
If you continue to receive this error, click the “I need a new password” link to reset your password.

Check your settings to ensure that you are not in local or private mode:

The Safari browser will not open KidKare when you are in private mode. Follow the instructions here to turn off private mode.