May 2017 Updates

May 18, 2017 - (ver 2.0.179)

Fixed: W10 now calculates correctly
Fixed: Invoices: Attendance rates no longer round up when creating an invoice but round down on the actual invoice. 
Fixed: Accounting Reports: Parent Filter (Invoices) now showing the correct information
Fixed: Invoices: Weekly rate types would show "No In and Out Times" error when selected
Fixed: Accounting Reports: Missing information from Statement of Accounts
Fixed: Reporting: Schedule C Worksheet did not subtract Form 8829 from Income
Fixed: Independent providers payers swapped on migration from Kids Pro to KidKare
Fixed: Meals: Meals cannot be recorded in the future. 
Fixed: Login: Page won't load in Safari if cookies are not enabled
Fixed: Guardians: Updating Guardian info overwrites any guardian with the same name in the sponsor database
Fixed: Total payments on W10 now match the invoices screen
Fixed: MyKids: Now able to update the primary guardian as payer
Fixed: Recurring Invoices unexpectedly duplicated a line item, resulting in a double charge
Fixed: Invoices: Duplicate parent record in All Parents list
Fixed: Reporting: Expenses entered in KidKare are missing in Schedule C Worksheet
Fixed: Settlement Date payment type is now correct after migrating
Fixed: Independent providers can now reactivate withdrawn children
Fixed: Independent providers missing school district

May 11, 2017 - (ver 2.0.156)

Updated: Invoices: The amount and balance of an invoice will be removed when an invoice is deleted. 
Updated: Reports: Vehicle information is now displayed on the Depreciation Worksheet. 
Updated: Invoices: Users will no longer receive the "not supported" error when attempting to print
Updated: MyKids: Hepatitis A Vaccine added to Immunization list

Added: Beta testing release of online re-enrollment for daycare centers

Fixed: Users will no longer receive the "An Error Occurred While Generating The Report" error when running reports
Fixed: Accounting: 3rd quarter expenses were not always migrating
Fixed: Migrator: Not migrating the beginning of January 2016
Fixed: Invoices: Some users found a $0 balance when the payer still had a balance. 
Fixed: MyKids: Non-Sponsored providers are now able to change a child's enrollment date
Fixed: Claims: Submit claims reminder should only go back 3 months 
Fixed: Login: Remember Me button now stays active after logout

May 4, 2017 - (ver 20.0.133)

Below are the newest updates and bug fixes for May. Please keep an eye on this page for more update releases later this month!

Added: Invoices: Adding a new option for invoices that will calculate based on attendance. This will use the "Check In/Out" times to calculate how many hours to charge for a time frame. 

Fixed: Accounting Reports: W-10 report was not showing all payers for some users when they selected "All Parents"
Fixed: Removed duplicate subscription records for users. 
Fixed: Invoices: Users can now enter discounts that are less than a dollar with format 0.00.  
Fixed: "Token is incorrect error" being seen when trying to reset password for users who have blank spaces in their username.