May 2019

May 30, 2019

KidKare for Providers

UPDATED: When deleting invoices with payments applied to them, users now receive an Are You Sure prompt and the option to delete payments on the invoice or create a credit for the affected parent/guardian account.
UPDATED: Subtotals of shared items display before applying  Time/Space % on the Form 8829 Detailed Expenses report.
UPDATED: Changed the order of expenses on the Form 8829 Detailed Expenses report to better align with tax report.
UPDATED: Removed the extra white space on the Scheduled Menu report for better printing.
FIXED: Providers cannot select future dates when generating the EZ Menus report.
FIXED: An error displays when providers try to generate the Claimed Summary and Error report.
FIXED: The incorrect parent email template displays when users add email addresses for parents who did not have email addresses on file previously.
FIXED: The meals row and bottom sentence overlap on the Scheduled Menu report, and column widths are not the same between weeks with planned menus and weeks with no planned menus.

KidKare for Independent Providers

UPDATED: Independent providers can now record separate child enrollment times during the week.

KidKare for Independent Centers

UPDATED: Added the ability for users to move between days on the Daily Menu page without returning to the calendar.
UPDATED: Moved Food List, Food Categories, and Food Rules to one page. From the menu to the left, click Food Program, and select Food Tool. Select the tab with which to work on the Food List page.
UPDATED: Moved Add Expenses and View Expenses to one page. From the menu to the left, click Expenses and select Receipts. To add a receipt, click Add Receipt.
UPDATED: Added a Description box to Itemized Entry for receipts.
UPDATED: The Site Details page now defaults to tabbed view on mobile devices.
FIXED: When centers add kid manually, the primary guardian's data loads when the center adds an additional guardian.
FIXED: Centers cannot save menus if they enter more than 255 characters in the Menu Notes box. There is now a character limit of 255 characters in this box.
FIXED: Incorrect credit card information displays on the My Site page.
FIXED: An error displays when users attempt to update their KidKare subscription on the Reactivation page.

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

FIXED: A message displays if a child has an invalid license.
FIXED: The Expired Children filter on the Send Invitations page (eForms) is not showing all children with expired or expiring enrollments.
FIXED: The primary and guardian contacts are incorrect after centers add children manually.

KidKare for Sponsors

FIXED: The classroom is not updated after sponsors change it on the Approve and Renew page.

KidKare for Parents

UPDATED: When completing income eligibility forms, a household summary displays after the parent enters household income information.

May 28, 2019

Milk Audit for Centers

UPDATED: Centers can now perform the Milk Audit in KidKare Food Program. This includes viewing the Monthly Overview Milk Audit and viewing the Daily Overview Milk Audit (calculated and calculated + actual). Centers also have the ability the write off milk and record milk purchases. This feature is available to both independent and sponsored centers (food program sponsors must enable this feature for sponsored centers). To access Milk Audit, click Food Program from the menu to the left, and select Milk Audit. For more information, see Milk Audit.

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

UPDATED: Kids is now the top menu item. Attendance & Meal Count has been moved under the Food Program menu.
UPDATED: The eForms Reports menu option is now Reports.

KidKare for Sponsors

UPDATED: Sponsors can control center access to KidKare features on the Settings page. For more information, see Control Center Access to KidKare Features.
UPDATED: Sponsors can view Milk Audit in Observer Mode. For more information, see Access Observer Mode.

May 16, 2019

eForms in KidKare

UPDATED: Added a Gender option to the eForms enrollment process. This applies to providers and centers.
UPDATED: Added a Classroom selection to the Child Details section of the Child Information page. This applies to independent and sponsored centers only.
UPDATED: Added warning messages that display when a center/provider changes the child name on an open eForm.
FIXED: Parents are not receiving welcome messages when a center updates their email address and re-sends the enrollment invitation. This applies to independent and sponsored centers only.

KidKare for Sponsors of Centers

UPDATED: Added the Child Import function to Observer Mode.
UPDATED: Updated the Georgia enrollment and income eligibility forms.
FIXED: Enrollment forms and income eligibility forms were not generating from Observer Mode.
FIXED: Minute Menu CX crashes when the sponsor attempts to process online claims for their centers.

KidKare for Sponsors of Providers

FIXED: When providers withdraw children in KidKare, a message is added to the General Comments box in the Child Information Rules tab in Minute Menu HX.

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

FIXED: Sponsored centers cannot add meal counts in KidKare.

KidKare for Independent Centers

FIXED: When a center attempts to import children on the Import page, the page does not respond and eventually times out.

KidKare for Providers

UPDATED: Updated the Standard Meal Allowance Report to mirror information found in the Expenses table on the Provider Tax report.
UPDATED: Added a non-discrimination statement to the bottom of the Scheduled Menu report for Ohio providers.