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  1. Options and fees for ePay

  2. How to approve parents for ePay

    To setup a parent to pay online: Login to . Go to Home > My Kids . Select a child. Locate the parent and tap the Edit button. Select the Payer option (top of the screen). Select the KidKare Acco...
  3. How to edit bank information

  4. How to update your bank account settings

  5. How to cancel autopay

  6. How parents can setup Stripe Autopay

  7. Pay for child care online using ePay

  8. October 2018

    October 21, 2018 FIXED:  Enrollment Form special diet statement on file field is incorrect. FIXED:  Claimed Food & Attendance Report displays all foods on a single line.  FIXED:  Infant scheduled menu popup fails...
  9. September 2018

    September 30, 2018 UPDATED:   Schedule C Details KIDS Report added to KidKare.  UPDATED:   Schedule C Worksheet  KIDS Report added to KidKare.  UPDATED:   Form 8829 Detailed Expenses  KIDS Report ad...
  10. Marking school out

    When school aged children are out of school, be sure to add that to the child calendar. Login to . Select the Calendar option from the main menu. Select the Child option at the top. Select a child from the d...