November 2021

November 17, 2021

UPDATED: We have made significant changes and enhancements to KidKare Accounting:

  • The Accounting left-hand menu has been changed to the following: Income, Accounts, Settings, Stripe Dashboard (if you are signed up for ePay).
  • The Guardians page is now the Participant Account Details page. This page allows user to manage billing details for all participants in their program in one, central location. As such, we have removed the Payer, Pickup, and KidKare Account options from child enrollment information.
  • Users can now split payment between Payers by dollar amount, as well as percentage.
  • Users can now issue refunds in KidKare Accounting.
  • We have added a Settings page, where users can manage default email templates and manage ePay Settings/sign up for ePay.
  • We have added a Balance Details pop-up to the Invoices list. Users can access this by clicking an invoice balance. Users can record payments or refunds from this pop-up.
  • The Invoices list now includes an overall summary of totals, balances, and pending payments at the bottom of the page. Payers also see their balance summary for their invoices in the parent portal.
  • Users can individually customize invoice emails sent to payers from the Preview Invoice page.
  • We have added filters to the Other Income page.
  • Users can now print Other Income.
  • Payers can now add multiple bank accounts and credit card accounts to their account. However, only one credit card and one bank account can be active at a time.
  • Payers can now access the Statement of Account and Statement of Itemized Payments report in KidKare.
  • Payers who are not a participant's primary guardian can no longer access eForms for their participant. They will only be able to access invoices to which they are assigned.

November 10, 2021

Centers & Providers

UPDATED: We have added Spanish translations for additional site and user level settings in KidKare.


FIXED: We have corrected a display error on the Vendors page where the Vendor Name filter label overlaps the text box.