October 2016 Updates

October 27, 2016 CST – (ver 1.5.338) 

Many requested enhancements in this release.  Always trying to improve.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Send Claim:  Withdrawn children no longer showing up in the total.

Feature updates in this release:

  • Enter Meals: We changed the “Saved Successfully” message to now tell you how many meals you just saved.  We also gave users the ability to save a meal they are entering as a MyMenu to use later just by clicking a button and giving it a name. Lastly, the “total” at the bottom of the meal screen updates in real time now as you tap each child’s name.
  • Enroll Children:  We changed the way Race & Ethnicity are done to make it much more user friendly.  We also changed the title of the 2nd screen to “Primary Guardian” rather than “Contact”
  • Child Information:  There is now a link under the image of the child that says “Enrollment Form” that opens the form for printing.
  • Edit Child: Email is no longer a required field for anyone that is not a “Payer” 

October 20, 2016 CST – (ver 1.5.318) 

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Spanish Translation:  In the Accounting features we updated the Spanish.
  • Message Center:  “Read” messages are now showing in HX as Read. 
  • My Site:  School District field now shows name of the School
  •       Many updates to the look and feel for Accounting features as well as core features.

Feature updates in this release:

  • Reports: Added Statement of Account report Form 8829 Worksheet, Form W10, and Vehicle Deduction comparison for Accounting users.

October 3rd, 2016 10:30am CST – (ver 1.5.230) 

Many updates today. 

Things we fixed in this release:

  • In/Out Report:  Child names are now hyperlinks so the times may be edited if needed. 
  • Enter Meals:  Children were not sorted properly in alphabetical order
  • Calendar:  Fixed an issue with events not showing up on the calendar after being added, also “Own Child Out” event was not showing up on the calendar.
  • Enter Times:  The tool for entering times on in/outs, and enter meals had a few issues that we fixed.
  • In/Out Times:  Weekend Start and End times were reversed for some users.
  • Daily Meal Worksheet was showing “unknown children”   
  • Send To Sponsor:  clicking “Send” twice was submitting the claim information to the sponsor twice.
  • Spanish Translation fixed for My Site and Enroll child wizard.
  • Speed and performance updates throughout the site.

New Features added:

  • New Accounting Feature additions: 
    • Depreciation Worksheet
    • Form 8829 report     
    • Added new contacts to child screen
    • Added Allergies tracking to child screen
    • Better Time/Space tracking.
    • Standard Meal allowance report