October 2021

October 27, 2021


UPDATED: We have changed the long-form non-discrimination statement on Review reports to read "This institution is an equal opportunity provider."

Center Sponsors

FIXED: Some meat items on the Food List are showing under the Infant Cereal Food Type.

October 13, 2021

All Users

UPDATED: We have added an Unarchive option to the Archive tab in the Messages tool. This will allow users to unarchive messages previously marked as archived

Sponsors (All)

UPDATED: (eForms) We have updated the income eligibility form for Kentucky to match the new federal form.
UPDATED: We have made the following changes to Food Rules:

  • Removed the Effective Dates section for all five types of food rules.
  • (Homes) Removed the Print Warning on Provider Error Letters option from the three types of Limit rules. This option only applies to Food Frequency rules.
  • (Homes) Changed the Print Warning on Provider Error Letters option for the Any Two Foods and All Foods rules to read Print Description on Provider Error Letters

FIXED: We have corrected a grammatical error on the Wisconsin income eligibility form instructions.

Homes Sponsors

UPDATED: We have added a new eForms setting to KidKare that will allow sponsors to use the parent signature date as the child enrollment date for first time enrollments.

Sponsored Centers

UPDATED: A blue checkmark now displays in the Child Schedule section of KidKare for children who are marked for days in care but do not have times.