October 2023

October 11, 2023

UPDATED: Children with expiring or expired enrollments are now highlighted on the My Participants page.

UPDATED: We have updated the Ohio and Oklahoma income eligibility forms and enrollment forms to the latest version.

October 13, 2023

UPDATED: IEF/EF for Oklahoma

UPDATED: EF for Ohio

FIXED: Users are now able to send IEF renewals only via eForms

ADDED: Highlight children with expired enrollments

October 25, 2023

KidKare for all Centers and Sponsors

FIXED: Non-Infants no longer require the selection of a formula

FIXED: When manually enrolling children, the child number now auto populates

FIXED: When manually enrolling children, the options for allergies/conditions or special diet/needs are now available

FIXED: Users are now able to edit the External ID in KidKare

FIXED: When a parent does not accept center formula in KidKare, users can pick from a dropdown of center formula offered

UPDATED: Louisiana EF for 2023-2024

UPDATED: Florida IEF Form display has been fixed

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