Record work hours when children are not present

There are things you do to manage your child care business even when children are not present in the home, such as cleaning, paperwork, etc. Use KidKare to record the number of hours you spend in your home doing business activities when the children in your care are not present. These hours will be added to the hours you are caring for children to calculate the Time/Space %.

  • Open KidKare and click the Accounting > Expenses option from the main menu.
  • Hit the Time/Space button (at the top)
  • Hit the Other Hours button (at the top) 
  • Hit the New Entry button
  • Select the day the work was done
  • Add a start and end time
  • Type in the activity or choose one from the list (i.e. cleaning, record keeping, parent interviews, etc.)
  • A notes field is available but not required
  • Hit Save