Record a Meal

  1. From the menu to the left, click Meals.
  2. Click Enter Meal. The Enter Meal page opens.
  3. Select Infants or Non-Infants.
  4. Ensure the correct date is selected at the top of the page.
  5. Click the Select a Meal drop-down menu and select the meal you are recording (Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner, or Eve. Snack).
  6. Click the Serving 1 box and enter the meal time, if needed. You can also click  and use the arrows to adjust the time. Your food program sponsor may specify this time. If that is the case, you cannot make changes to this box.
  7. Click each meal component drop-down menu and select the food items served at this meal. You can start typing a food name to filter to a specific food.
  8. For the Bread/Alternate component, click  next to Is This Whole Grain-Rich to mark the bread/alternate as whole grain rich. The CACFP meal pattern requires that you serve at least one whole grain rich food each day.
  9. Click each child name to mark them as present for the meal.

    Note: If you provide two servings of a meal, click the child's name again to mark them present at both servings. Both 1 and 2 should be highlighted. You can also click the number to indicate the serving at which the child was present.

  10. Click  to the right of a child's name to indicate that a school-aged child was present when they should have been in school. Then, choose from the following (you can select multiple items, if needed):
    • Sick
    • No School
    • Present on Holiday
  11. Click  in the Am I Serving Enough Food section to view useful tables for the meal. These tables list food components and serving sizes by age group.
  12. Click Create My Menu to save this menu for future use. Then, enter a name for the menu in the What is the Name of This Menu box.
  13. Click Save.

Note: Remember that you must have children checked in before you can record meals. To do so from this page, click a child's name and then click Check IN.