Record a Meal

You can record meals by going to Meals >> Enter Meal.

  1. Pick the date the meal was served.
  2. Select "Non-Infants."
  3. Choose the type of meal that was served from the dropdown box: breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack, etc.
  4. Under the "Serving 1" field, provide the meal time.
  5. Using the drop down menus, select the food items you served at this meal.
    • Hint! Start typing the food name to find the food faster!
  6. Starting Oct. 1st 2017, a new option will be added beneath the bread/alternate section to indicate whether or not the food was whole grain-rich. The new CACFP meal pattern requires at least one whole grain-rich food to be served each day.
  7. Mark the children who were in attendance of this meal.
  8. For those who provide 2 meal servings of a meal, double tap/click the child's name to mark the child present at both servings so that the 1 and 2 are both highlighted, or just tap the number to indicate the serving the child was present at.
  9. Hit the  icon (to the right of the child's name) to indicate that a school-aged child was present when he should have been in school either because school was out or because the child was too sick to attend school.
  10. Save the meal before leaving the screen.