Record a Voucher/Subsidy Payment

  1. From the menu to the left, click Home.
  2. Click My Kids.
  3. Select the child that receives subsidy payments. The Child Information page opens.
  4. In the Primary Guardian section, click Edit.
  5. Click Add Another Contact.
  6. Click New.
  7. Click Other.

    new other.PNG

  8. Click the box to the right of Other and enter the name of this Payer.
  9. Click the First Name box and type State.
  10. Click the Last Name box and enter the two-character abbreviation of the state agency. For example, if this is Texas, you would type TX.
  11. Enter the state agency's information in the remaining boxes. Boxes marked with an asterisk are required.
  12. Click Payer.
  13. Click the % box and enter the percentage the state pays.

    add state agency.PNG

  14. Scroll up to the primary guardian and enter the percentage they pay. for example, if the state agency pays 75%, the guardian pays 25%. The percentages must add up to 100% before you can continue.
  15. When finished, click Update. The next time you create an invoice for the child you updated, the State Agency displays as a Payer.

The next time you need to create a subsidy payment for another child from the same agency:

  1. Repeat Steps 1-5, above.
  2. Click Existing.
  3. Click the Select Existing Contact drop-down menu and select the saved state agency.

    existing agency.PNG

  4. Update the payment percentages.
  5. Click Update.