September 2017 Updates

September 7, 2017

UPDATED: We have added all of the changes and updates for the new meal pattern!  Providers will see the changes on or before Oct 1 depending on when the Sponsor activates the new meal pattern for them.

UPDATED: Expenses:  Other Hours:  Add the ability to do hours and minutes.

UPDATED: Sponsor made School Out Events are now showing in the provider calendar

UPDATED: Reports:  Add multiple payer select option when running the Statement of Accounts report

FIXED: Cycle Menus should only show for the specific meal (lunch OR dinner)

FIXED: Reports: Changed wording on Sign In/Out Worksheet

FIXED: Reports: Cannot Print EZ Menus in KidKare

FIXED: Language: Field Name is Being Displayed in Russian Language

FIXED: Kidkare Transfer created duplicate records on HX

FIXED: Check In/Out: Times are showing on Check In/Out screen, but not in Database

FIXED: Message Center: Cannot open messages from the sponsor

FIXED: Expense: Last Day of Month Missing in Time/Space

FIXED: Terms and Conditions: User sees incorrect address under Article X. Apple, Inc. Requirements

FIXED: Reports: W-10 total Is Incorrect Compared to Invoices List

FIXED: Invoices: Link to Invoice Sends Payer to Error Page

FIXED: View Claims - Change log should be hidden when there is no adjustment

FIXED: Enter Meal: Saving new Menu name in Enter Meal tab not showing new menu name

FIXED: When the user tries to log out after not saving meal changes, items in menu tab disappears

FIXED: Enrollment: User can still see signature date field

FIXED: Food Tool: Access Is Being Denied to Some Authorized Users

FIXED: Added error message to date entries in the site

FIXED: Enter Meals: Can Not Record a Meal Receives "Child Must Be Checked In" Error

FIXED: Migrations: Oops Error on Data Import to KidKare

FIXED: Meals: No Prompt to Save When Navigating to another meal

FIXED: Reports: USDA Statement Does Not Appear on Enrollments Report in Observer Mode