September 2019

September 19, 2019

KidKare for Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: IEF and enrollment expiration dates in eForms are not consistent with policies F.8b and F.8c in CX (these settings control how IEF expiration dates are computed and handled).
FIXED: Expiration dates for signed and approved eForms are set to the month prior to the signature month for the following year. For example, if a form is signed on 5/1/2019, the expiration date is set to 4/1/2020 instead of 5/1/2020.
FIXED: Sponsors are unable to move foods out of the Infant Cereal food type when needed.

KidKare for Sponsors of Homes

FIXED: Certain children do not show in Send Invitations, even when their enrollment is expired or nearing expiration.

September 10, 2019

FIXED: Recurring invoices did not get created yesterday, September 9th, during business hours. However, they were created yesterday evening and will run with auto-pay today, September 10th.

September 3, 2019

FIXED: When completing the IEF via eForms, the household income in Part 2 does not total up to the Total Income in Part 4. When users choose Other Income in eForms, the income in Part 2 shows 0, and the Pensions/Retirement/Social Security options map to the wrong column on the IEF.