May 2023

May 9, 2023

Sponsors of Centers

ADDED: Manage Center Information multi-license capability

ADDED: Claims: Manually Disallow Meals

ADDED: Center Daily Menu

ADDED: Master Menu Calendar

ADDED: Center Admin Permissions

ADDED: Center Menu Calendar

ADDED: Mark Centers Claim for Processing

ADDED: The following reports were added to KidKare for Sponsors:

Labor Tally Sheet | Blank Labor Tally Worksheet | Non-Claim Payments Adjustment | Sponsor Review Summary | Claim Detail Summary

ADDED: Ability to remove and reactivate centers

Sponsored Centers

ADDED: Center Dashboard

Independent Centers

ADDED: Children Claimed without Absence Report

May 14, 2023

Sponsors of Centers

UPDATED - Changed the language on the ePay sign up page for clarity.

UPDATED - EF/IEF Spanish version for TX


UPDATED - Increased the number of characters for the menu name from 30 to 100 characters.

ADDED - Ability for state users to update usernames. 

ADDED - Ability for state users to delete center users. 

FIXED- The Claims export is available for ARAS/SFSP

May 26, 2023

Sponsors of Centers

ADDEDMerge Vendors

ADDEDScan (Import)

ADDEDVerify Child Number

ADDEDCenter Weekly Menu Report

Sponsored Centers

ADDED - Scan (Import)

ADDED - Verify Child Number

Independent Centers

ADDED - Scan (Import)

ADDED - Verify Child Number


ADDED - Reports

Monthly Receipt Total Report | Non-Profit Status Report | Receipt List Export | Center Receipts Journal | Center List Export | Office Error Report | Center Monthly Menu Plan | Menu Production Record | Menu Notes Report