Use the Meal Benefit Eligibility Calculator

If you are using eForms, the participant's FRP basis is calculated based on the completed forms you receive. If you are not using eForms, you can use the Meal Benefit Eligibility Calculator to calculate the participants's FRP basis based off of the physical copy of their income eligibility form (IEF).

Required Permissions: You must have the Child Details permissions enabled to edit participant details.

  1. Click Participants.
    Note: According to your display settings, this option may be called something different, such as Kids. For more information, see Set Display Settings.
  2. Click the participant to update. The View Participant page opens.
  3. Click the CACFP tab.
  4. Click to calculate the participant's FRP basis. The Meal Benefit Eligibility Calculator opens.
  5. Click the What is the Expiration Date for the Participant's Income Eligibility Form box and select the expiration date for the participant's IEF.
  6. In the Does Any Member of the Participant's Household Receive the Following Benefits section, click  next to each benefit that applies.
  7. If you select any of the benefits, complete the additional boxes that display.
    • SNAP, TANF, and FDPIR: Enter the name and case number.
    • Others: Enter the name, program, and case number.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Click the How Many Household Members are There Including Children drop-down menu and select the number of household members.
  10. Specify whether to use household member names from last year. 
  11. List all household members, their income, income frequency, and type of income. If you provided a SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR case number in an earlier step, you do not have to complete the income information.
  12. Click  next to Does the Person Who Signed the IEF Form Have a Social Security Number if you were provided with a social security number. If you set this to Yes, enter the last four digits of the number.
  13. Click  next to Does the Household Refuse to Provide Income Eligibility Information if the household refused to provide IE information.
  14. Click Save.