User Initiated Payment

Payers can now create payments without receiving an Invoice from the Payer first. On the Payment page click New Payment in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

Note: Creating a New Payment will not mark a previously generated invoice as paid. If you are looking to pay an Invoice that has already been sent you, read more here

  1. Provider
    • If you are connected to multiple Providers click the drop down to select which Provider you would like to send a payment to
  2. Amount
    • Enter in the amount you would like to send
  3. Payment Method
    • Select the stored ACH or Credit Card you would like to use to make the payment 
  4. Child Name
    • If you would like to record a child associated with the payment select them from the drop down, otherwise the Provider can edit the payment and add more details after it has been sent
  5. Description
    • Add any details you would like to include
  6. Billing Period
    • Add a billing period associated with the payment if applicable 
  7. Notes 
    • Add any additional information 
  8. Save
    • Send the payment to the Provider