Applying credits when recording a payment

When a parent over pays on an invoice, a credit will be created on their account. You can apply the credit when recording a payment. 

For example, if the parent over-paid by $10 last time, and then knowingly paid $10 LESS this time, you can apply this "credit" as you record their payment. 

  • Go to Accounting > Invoices.
  • Select an unpaid or partially paid invoice.
  • Hit the $ button to record a payment.
  • If a credit exists, it will be listed at the top of the screen with an option to apply it or not (choose yes to apply it).
  • If you choose "yes" to apply the credit balance, the "Credit Balance" amount will be deducted from the "Amount (USD)."  
    • Example: if the parent pays $340 on their $350 invoice and they have a $10 credit, choose Yes to apply the credit. The invoice amount will change to $340 and when the payment is saved, this will become a "Paid" invoice.
  • Always make sure that the amount that the parent actually paid is in the "Amount (USD)" field.
  • Hit the Record Payment button to save the payment.