Parent Online Payment Walkthrough

When a childcare provider enrolls children, they have the option to give their parents a Parent KidKare Account.

This walkthrough will help parents pay their invoices online through their own KidKare account. 

When your childcare provider creates a KidKare account for you (the parent), you will receive this email: 

You will access your new account by following the link, creating a password and logging in. 

When a childcare provider creates and sends an invoice, you will receive this email:

Click on "Click to view invoice". You will be taken to their KidKare account where you will see the unpaid invoice. 

Click "Make Payment" and enter a payment amount when prompted. 

Click "Continue to Payment Account" to receive this message:

If you decide to use your Credit Card, you will see this screen to enter your payment details:

When you click "Continue", you will receive a message informing you of the total convenience fee for using a credit card. This is 2.95% of the payment total. If the childcare provider elects that the parent pays the $1 transaction fee, that will also be added on.