Access to Old Kids Pro Accounting Records

You can now install a version of Kids Pro that will give you read-only access to accounting reports for your pre-KidKare information! It will let you pull reports inside Kids Pro exactly as you did before. Other functions in the software will be read only (you won’t be able to edit old info) so that your new and old records stay separate.

To get this read-only reports version, download and install from this link:

Once you have updated, you will only be able to access the Accounting section of the software. We will make this access available to you through the end of April this year, so please print or save off any records from the past that you will want to reference in the future.

If you have any trouble installing the new version, just uninstall Kids Pro and try again with the link above. Your data is safe on our servers, so you won’t lose anything. Here’s a link for how to uninstall software in Windows:

Windows 8 and earlier:
Windows 10:

Thank you,

Minute Menu Team