December 2023

December 6, 2023

UPDATED - TX IEF updated.

UPDATED - Translation on the Enrollment Worksheet to Spanish updated. 

UPDATED - Users can now select an existing parent when adding a child.

UPDATED - Phone, address, and claim date data has been added to sponsor observer mode screen.

UPDATED - Notes for Next Review will now show up in provider reviews in KidKare.

FIXED -  Font fixed on reports where it was showing smaller font.

FIXED - KidKare mobile view menu obstruction issue has been fixed.

ADDED - Notes boxes on Child Details page in KidKare.

KidKare Accounting  Users

FIXED - Users are now able to change the 'Do you want to add mileage to the expense' button when adding a new expense. 

December 20, 2023

eForms Users

UPDATED - eForms Approve and Renew now goes back further than just the previous year

UPDATED -  When adding a new center, KidKare will ask if you want to turn on eForms for the new center.

All KidKare Users

UPDATED - Special Diet Notes under child information now shows at all times.

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