Understand Expenses

Tracking expenses is an important part of any business. With KidKare, you can enter and track all of your food service receipts. This tool also lets you enter information about milk purchases so you can use the milk audit, as well as use reports to look at individual receipts or summaries of receipts. You should retain at least four years of expense records.

Required Permissions: You must have the Vendor/Receipts permission enabled on your account to access and work with expenses.


Before you begin entering expenses, set up vendors on the Vendors page. For more information, see Manage Vendors.

Expense Entry Options

You can enter receipts using the following methods:

  • Itemized Entry: Enter each item on the receipt in detail. These entries include the item category, amount, quantity, total cost, and description (optional). For more information, see Itemized Entry.
  • Quick Entry: Enter receipt items into category fields by dollar amount. The category fields calculate the total for the category by taking the sum of all numbers entered for the category. The running total is then compared to the receipt total. For more information, see Quick Entry.

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