Copy and paste a month of menus

Copy an entire month of scheduled menus from one month to the next!

  1. Go to Meals > Scheduled Menus
  2. Use the arrow on the right (next to the blue "Copy Days" button) to move to the month you're interested in copying.(You can skip this step if you don't need to review any previous month's menus before copying). 
  3. Find the month you wish to copy and tap the Copy Days button. 
  4. Make sure the "Multi-Day" box is selected (blue).
  5. Enter the start and end date for the days that you want to copy from.
  6. To skip weekends mark in the "skip weekends" box. 
  7. In the "Begin Pasting On" box, enter the date of the current month that you'd like to begin copying menus. 
  8. Tap the OK button.

For example: if you'd like to copy all weekday menus from January to the February menu:
In the From and To boxes you would enter 01/01 - 01/31.
In the Begin Pasting On box, enter 02/01.