Copy and Paste a Month of Menus

If your meals follow a set schedule, you can easily copy and pate a month's worth of scheduled meals from one month to another. 

  1. From the menu on the left, click Meals.
  2. Click Schedule Menus. The Calendar page opens to the Schedule Menus tab.
    Note: You can also click Calendar from the menu to the left and then click Schedule Menus at the top of the Calendar page.
  3. Click back arrow.PNG and forward arrow.PNG to navigate to the month to copy, if needed.
  4. Click Copy Days. The Repeat Menu pop-up opens.
  5. Select Multi-Day.
  6. Select Infants or Non-Infants.
  7. In the What Days Would You Like to Copy section, click the From and To boxes and select the start and end dates to copy. For example, if you are copying all weekday menus from January to February, you would enter 01/01 in the From box and 01/31 in the To box.
  8. Click the Begin Pasting On box and enter the date on which to begin copying menus. Following our example above, you would enter 02/01.
  9. Check the Skip Weekends box to skip weekends while copying.
  10. Click OK. The meals are copied.