Copy and Paste a Menu from One Month to Another Month

Before you begin copying menus, please note that only Scheduled Menus can be copied from one month to the next. 

  1. Click on Meals > Scheduled Menus
  2. Use the arrow on the right next to the blue "Copy Days" button to move to the month you're interested in copying (You can skip this step if you don't need to review any previous month's menus before copying). 
  3. Once you've found the month from which you want to copy the menus, click on the "Copy Days" button. 
  4. Make sure the "Multi-Day" box is selected (blue) and enter the start and end date for the days from that previous month for which you'd like the menus copied over to the current month.
  5. If you have no menus on weekends, be sure and put a check mark in the "skip weekends" box. 
  6. In the "Begin Pasting On" box, enter the date of the current month that you'd like to begin copying menus. 

For example: if you'd like to copy all weekday menus from January 2017's menu to February 2017's menu:
In the From and To boxes you would enter 01/02/2017-01/29/2017 (You can enter 01/31/2017 as the ending date - it won't hurt anything). 
In the "Begin Pasting On" box, enter 02/01/2017 and make sure "skip weekends" is checked if you are not open on weekends. 

      7. Click the OK button and spot check a few February days to make sure the menu looks accurate.