Using Child Historic Data


The Child Historic Data function is an optional feature for KidKare for Center Sponsors. This feature allows users to view and change past child information and keep track of when changes were made. When Child Historic Data is enabled, the History Month drop-down menu displays in the top-left corner of the Manage Child Information page. Changes to the file are effective from the claim month you select until another change is made to the child's record. This allows users to make changes to child information by claim month.

Child Historic Data allows you to change and retain any information kept on a child, including all information entered in the Manage Child Information window. Each field can be changed for a specific month and following months by selecting the first month to be changed in the History Month drop-down menu and then changing the value. The change then continues through the following months up to and including the month before a month where the same value has already been modified.

The History Month drop-down menu includes all past months where claims were processed, as well as two months forward from the currently set claim month.

Enabling Child Historic Data

To begin using Child History Data contact the support team at to change Policy D.22.

Changing Child Information

When changing a child's recorded information with Historic Data, keep the following major considerations in mind:

  • When you make more than one change to a single field in the Manage Child Information page for any single claim month, the last change you make is the change maintained for that entire month.
  • When you make a change to any one value in the child's record for any month, that changed value persists for any and all following months, up to, but not including, a later month in which a change has already been made.

Changes Within a Month

If a child's information changes several times throughout the month, each of the changes will be saved, but the last change will be the authoritative record that will be displayed onscreen for that month. 

Changes From Month to Month

Once a change has been made to a single value in a child’s record, that changed value will continue forward through succeeding months, up to, but not including a month where the same value has already been modified.

For example, if a child's F/R/P status was Paid on January 1st and it is changed to Free for the August History month, the child remains Free for all following months as long as no further changes are made after August.

Processing Claims

The claims processor uses the child information for the claim month selected on the Process Claims page. For example, if you are processing a late claim for December, KidKare looks at the child data from December to process the claim.

If changes have been made to a child's file for a given month and the claim has already been processed, the claim must be re-processed for changes to take effect and be reflected on the OER.

Claim Month

Changes made to the child's current file are saved to the current claim month. 

If a change is made for a historic month and no other changes have been made more recently, the file change updates the current child record. 

If a change is made for a historic month and other changes have been made more recently, the file change is only effective for that month.


  1. In January, a child's FRP rate was changed to FREE.
  2. In April it changed to PAID.
  3. The current claim month is July.

If a user goes to March and changes the child status to REDUCED, that change would be effective for March ONLY, since there was a more recent change in April. The change in April will affect the CURRENT month, July, because there are no other more recent changes since then.

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