Manage Allergies/Conditions

Indicate any known allergies or conditions in the Allergies/Conditions tab on the View Participant page. This is especially important if the participant requires any substitutions at meal time.

Required Permissions: All users can view enrolled participants. However, you must have the Child Details permission enabled on your account to view and edit participant details.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Participants. A list of participants displays.
    Note: According to your display settings, this menu option may be called something different, such as Kids. For more information, see Set Display Settings.
  2. Click a name.
  3. Click the Allergies/Conditions tab at the bottom of the window.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click  next to Special Diet if the participant has a special diet. If you set this to Yes:
    • The Milk Allergy option displays. Click  to indicate that the participant has a milk allergy and does not drink Whole or 1%/Skim milk. You must have a doctor's statement on file. Two New fields will appear.
      • Select who provides the alternative milk option for this participant.
        • Select Substitute milk if this participant drinks substitute milk purchased and provided by the center.
        • Select Parent Provided if the parent or guardian provides the milk substitute.  This is the option you will select if participants are restricted to water as well.
      • Select the Effective Date for this allergy.  What day did you start serving substitute milk or parent provided milk to this participant instead of Whole or 1%/Skim? 
    • The Diet Statement on File option displays. Click  to indicate that you have a diet statement on file. Then, click the Expiration box and select the date the statement expires.
    • The Special Diet Notes box displays. Click this box and enter any notes about the participant's special diet.
  6. Click  next to Special Needs if the participant has special needs. If you set this to yes, the Statement on File option displays. Click  to indicate that you have a doctor's statement on file.
  7. Click Add Condition to list allergies and/or medical conditions.
    • Click the drop-down menu and select Allergy or Medical Condition.
    • Click the corresponding text box and enter a description of the allergy/description.
    • Click Add Condition to add another line. Click  next to a line to remove it.
  8. Click Save.