Mark School Out

When school-aged children are out of school, add the event to the calendar.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Calendar.
  2. Click Child. The Child Calendar opens. Note that you can have multiple calendars selected at the same time. If you do, events from the selected calendars display.
  3. Click the Select Child drop-down menu and select the child. There are two ways to do so:
    • Expand each category, locate the child, and click their name.
    • Click the Type to Search box and enter all or part of the child's name to filter the list. Click the child's name.
  4. Drag the No School event from the Draggable Options to the right and drop it on the calendar.
  5. Click the event. The Event Details pop-up opens.
  6. Use the From and To boxes to set a date range if school is out for more than a single day. Enter the first day school is out in the From box, and enter the last day school is out in the To box.
  7. Clear the meals that school was still in session. For example, if school was in session in the morning during Breakfast and the AM Snack, click Breakfast and AM Snack to clear them, as shown in the figure below. Only those meals for which school was out should be selected.
  8. Click the Details box and enter any notes about this event, if needed.
  9. Click OK.