View Enrollment Status

The View Status page provides a central place for you to view enrollment status for all children at your center.

Required Permissions: You must have the eForms permission enabled on your account to use the eForms feature.

  1. From the menu to the left, click eForms.
  2. Click View Status.
  3. Use the From and To boxes to select a date range to view.
    • To view forms from a specific date to the current date, select a date in the From box and leave the To box blank.
    • To view forms up to a specific date, leave the From box blank and select a date in the To box.
    • To view forms for a single day, select the same date in the From and To boxes.
  4. Click the Filter drop-down menu and select the form status to view. You can select multiple statuses, if needed.
  5. To filter to a specific child, click the Child Name box, and begin typing the child's name.
  6. You can sort information in ascending or descending order by the following columns:
    • Child ID
    • Child Name
    • Child Status
    • Invitation Status
    • Invitation Sent Date
    • Last Updated

Note: Some of the columns listed above may not display. To customize which columns display, click  and click each column to select it. You can also change the default sort options.

Invitation Statuses

Not StartedThe parent has not started filling out the form yet.
In ProgressThe parent has started filling out the form, but has not yet finished.
Submitted (Parent)The parent has completed and submitted the form. It is now ready for approval.
Manually CompletedThe parent completed a paper form, and you flagged the record accordingly (pencil icon).
Sponsor ApprovedYou have approved the form.
RenewedYou have updated the system with the new enrollment date.
CanceledThe invitation was canceled.