Email an invoice to parents

Invoices can be emailed to parents when you create them, or later if you want. Before you email the invoice, you may want to verify the email address of the parent. You can do that by going to Home > My Kids, select the child, view/edit the guardian screen.

Email New Invoice: To email a link to a new invoice, go to Accounting > Invoices, hit the New Invoice button, and you'll see an option on screen that says "email payer on invoice creation." Make sure this is set to "Yes" if you want the email to automatically be sent when the invoice is created. (Note: parents will not be able to pay the invoice online unless you have setup ePay in KidKare AND approved that specific parent for ePay.)

Email Existing Invoice: To email a link to an existing invoice, you can either go to the main invoices screen, place a check in the box next to the invoice, and hit the email (envelope) icon at the top of the screen OR you can click to open the invoice and you'll see an email icon at the top of that screen as well.

You can also let parents create their own KidKare account that allows them to view invoices online in KidKare. View the Creating Parent KidKare Accounts help page for more information.